How Can I use these domains?

If you are new to the world of SEO then you may be unsure what to do with these domains and exactly how powerful they can be if used correctly. Here are some ideas you can use in your link building campaigns;

Idea 1

  1. Place your site on it, which will give you a website with a highly rated link from a trusted site.
  1. Develop blogs on them to make your own personal blog network and link these to your money sites.
  1. Start redirecting the domain to your money sites so that the links come right to your main site.


Idea 2

301 Redirect the domain to your monetized website so that the back links go straight to your primary site.

However you choose to use them, you can enjoy your own high-quality, high-power links from the world’s top websites directing traffic specifically to your monetized site.

The common link building schemes which you subscribe are irrelevant. In addition, it does not matter which blog networks you join, as they have little or no power compared to that associated with these domains.

As you probably know, private blog networks and certain link building software and tactics get busted by Google on a regular basis because they are advertised on blogs and forums and used by hundreds of thousands of people.

With our service, you are the only individual who uses or even knows about these domains. This makes it essentially impossible for Google to take any action to interfere with your ranking.

To obtain any of these super powerful backlink domains, simply send your request for domain inventory or reach out through contact us page.

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