Here are some of the commonly asked questions about buying domains.

What actually an expired domain is?

Each domain comes with a specified life cycle, 12 months to be precise. During this period you can use it as you want and have the option to renew the registration for another 12 months. However, if you don’t renew the domain becomes available for registration by others. These are called Expired Domains.

How expired domains work?

When a domain expires it goes through several stages of re-processing. You will have a grace period of 30 days during which you can reclaim the domain. However, if you choose to be unresponsive during period your chances are over. Now this domain will be released to the public and anyone can register it.

How Domains Get Expired?

In most cases domains do not expire by itself. Indeed, the owner let it expire. A domain is registered for 12 months, sometimes for an extra length. If the owner doesn’t renew it within this period it expires.

Does a Domain really expires?

Not actually. It’s just the ownership that changes. When a domain name is stored in Domain Name System (DNS) databases, it will be there until the registrar deletes it. You can only lease it for a certain period of time.

What happen when a Domain expires?

When the registration period is over it enters the expiration phase (some domain offer the owners a grace period of 30 days to renew the ownership). If the expiration phase is over, the domain is now on hold. The owner can still reclaim the ownership by paying the redemption fee.

Can I retrieve a domain if it expires?

Domain expiration process has multiple phases. A domain doesn’t really expire immediately after the registration period. It has a grace period of 30 days within which you can re-register it for free. Even if you miss that period there is another paid grace period 30 days called redemption period. You can easily retrieve your domain by paying the redemption fee.

Why you should buy an expired Domain?

An expired domain is a kind of a missing piece for some business that can make things easier for them. It’s not just another domain. It’s a mix of established backlinks, proven traffic, brand recognition, niche relevance, and lot more. No initial setup needed, relevant content or a user base even can drive traffic to an existing website. What’s more one can expect from a domain.

How to buy expired domains?

There are several specialized platforms including auction websites that trade expired domains. GoDaddy Auctions for example. One way is to participate in auctions to get your desired domain. This process involve multiple layers of preparation and research. But that doesn’t guarantee you the domain you want.
However, there is another method that simplifies things to a great extent. Buying expired domain from a trusted website; magicdomains.net for example. No uncertainties no bidding hassle, just buy the domain that serves your purpose the best too at a competitive price.

Who needs an expired domains?

Everyone who are involved in website based business or are considering having a website of their own need an expired domain. Except those who have a deep pocket to afford premium category. An expired domain has a lot of SEO advantages that a fresh domain lacks. Therefore, expired domain ranks easily and generates more traffic.

Expired or Premium; which one is best?

Both have some specific advantages, however can be used for the same purposes. Expired domains are the go to option for those who want a better outcome but, have a limited budget.
Premium domains on the other hand are highly regarded for their brandability, keyword relevance and brand protection. It makes your online presence more credible and yields a sense of trust among the visitors. It all come at a higher cost.

Who needs a premium domain?

If you have a specific business idea in mind and want your domain to support that, you need a premium domain. Name will be short and will be easy to find out. Shorter name also play a pivotal role in marketing and user recognition. Often has better keyword relevance than expired domains and prevent others from using a similar domain.

Why premium domains are so expensive?

Price of a domain largely depends on a few key factors. How short and easy it is to remember the name, its keyword relevance, and brand protection. A premium domain has all these which makes it a bit costly. Another factor, limited availability makes them so coveted; therefore, the price goes up.

Are the prices justified?

The answer is yes. If you pay high for a premium domain it will earn you good outcome in a relatively short time.